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1-Why --------------- you looking at Jason?
a-is c-did
b-was d-are
2-Eminem is --------------- interesting singer.
a-a c-the
b-an d-that
3-Mike bought --------------- bread.
a-a loaf of c-loaf of
b-a d-any
4-Do you know John?He is --------------- father.
a-Davids’ and Marys’ c-David’s and Mary
b-David and Mary’s d-David’s and Mary’s
5-There --------------- a lot of parks in that city.
a-is c-was
b-are d-isn’t
6-"How --------------- water is there?"
   "We haven’t got any water,but there’s --------------- milk."
a-much/any c-much/some
b-many/some d-many/much
7- I like your trousers.Where did you buy --------------- ?
a-it c-its
b-they d-them
8- --------------- month of the year is January.
a-The first c-A first
b-First d-One
9- Julie was born --------------- 1978.
a-on c-in
b-at d-by
10- Mr. James has an office --------------- 54 Neilson Street.
a-in c-on
b-at d-to
11- --------------- movies do you like?
a-How c-Why
b-What’s d-What kind of
12- Mary has just bought --------------- new furniture.
a-some c-much
b-any d-many
13- Celine Dion writes her songs by --------------- .
a-himself c-herself
b-myself d-themselves
14- The weather is very --------------- .It’s going to rain.
a-cloudy c-clouds
b-cloudless d-more cloudy
15- Mr. Slater’s house is --------------- our house.
a-the biggest c-bigger
b-more bigger than d-bigger than
16- Mrs. Wilson wasn’t --------------- the others.
a-as calmly as c-as calm as
b-calmer d-calm
17- "What --------------- in your free time?"
   " I often go to park."
a-do you do c-are you doing
b-are you do d-have you done
18- Miss Fox --------------- to someone on the telephone at the moment.
a-was talking c-talks
b-is talking d-is talked
19- What --------------- when I came into your office yesterday?
a-did you do c-were you doing
b-have you been doing d-you do
20- --------------- Jane my message when you --------------- her?
a-Did you give / see c-Did you give/ have seen
b-Did you give / saw d-Have you given / saw
21- I --------------- water-polo before.
a-didn’t play c-haven’t played
b-wasn’t playing d-have been playing
22- They have lived in Manchester --------------- five years.
a-since c-above
b-far d-for
23- After the waiter --------------- some orange-juice, he poured some in my glass.
a-had brought c-has brought
b-brought d-did bring
24- They --------------- the hotel by the end of this month.
a-will have been selling c-will have sold
b-will be selling d-have sold
25- Why --------------- a new mountain bike?
a-will you buying c-are you going to
b-will you buy d-are you buy
26- An English teacher has to --------------- English.
a-work c-works
b-teaches d-teach
27- Dave --------------- swim when he was three years old.
a-may c-could
b-use to d-could have
28- "Dad --------------- I go to the party with my friends tonight?"
   "Yes,but you --------------- be home by 11?"
a-must / have to c-can / have to
b-can / can d-should / can’t
29- "Did Ursula --------------- dance very well?"
   "Yes, she --------------- dance very well."
a-used to / use to c-use to / did use
b-use to / used to d-used to / use
30- Those shoes need --------------- .
a-to cleaning c-clean
b-to clean d-cleaning
31- I wish I --------------- the suitcase like that.
   I couldn’t close it.
a-hadn’t packed c-wouldn’t pack
b-didn’t pack d-couldn’t packed
32- I --------------- under the shadow than --------------- on the beach.
a-prefer stay / to lie c-would rather stay / lie
b-would to stay / lying d-would prefer stay / lie
33- The polar bears --------------- for their fur.
a-are hunted c-will hunted
b-were hunt d-have been hunted
34- An ancient town --------------- underwater while fishermen --------------- for
   sponges off the coast of Southwest Turkey in 1960.
a-discovered / were diving c-had discovered / are diving
b-was discovered / were diving d-is discovered / were diving
35- Robert , --------------- , opened the door.
a-whom I hadn’t seen for years c-hadn’t seen for years
b- whose I hadn’t seen for years d-which I hadn’t seen for years
36- Would you mind --------------- the window , please?
a-closing c-to close
b-closed d-close
37- If I --------------- enough time , I --------------- to speak French.
a-had / had learned c-had / would learn
b-have / would learn d-had / would have learned
38- Sally --------------- taking another slice of cake.
a-told us c-said that
b-suggested d-asked me
39- You should avoid --------------- because it causes cancer.
a-smoking c-to smoke
b-smoke d-smoked
40- I’m looking forward --------------- from you soon.
a-learning c-to hearing
b-to hear d-hear
41- İstanbul has a greater --------------- than Samsun.
a-people c-population
b-mountains d-cities
42- He hasn’t regretted it.This means;
a-He isn’t pleased with it. c-He doesn’t pitty.
b-He doesn’t smiled d-He isn’t sorry about it.
-Read the passage and answer the questions.
The Black- tailed deer inhabits the forests along the Pasific Coast of North America from southern Alaska to southern California.In summer, it is covered by a short reddish coat which it sheds as the season advances.The new coat , known as the ‘’blue coat,’’ gradually lengthens and turns dark grey with the approach of winter.
Each year the deer sheds its antlers ,dropping them off from the skull from the base of the horn.New antlers sprout in the early spring.They are covered at first with skin and fur known as ‘’velvet,’’ but when they have attained full growth and have hardened, the animal polishes away the ‘’velvet’’ against shrubs and trees.The common superstition that the number of points on the antlers indicates the age of the deer is quite without foundation.
43-The Black-Tailed Deer lives --------------- .
a-in forests c-in valleys
b-in rivers d-in Alaska
44- The new coat of the deer is called --------------- .
a-velvet c-antlers
b-blue coat d-shrub
45- Facts given about the Black – Tailed Deer are --------------- .
a-its coat,habitat,velvet c-its habitat,antlers
b-its velvet,coat d-its habitat,coat,antlers
46-John ne biyoloji dersine giriyor , ne de laboratuvara gidiyor.
a-John neither attended the biology lecture or goes to the laboratory. c-John neither attended the biology lecture nor went to the laboratory.
b-John neither attends the biology lecture nor goes to the laboratory. d-John both attended the biology lecture and went to the laboratory.
47- -"Good afternoon, I am looking for somewhere to live. Can you help me?"
   - "Well, we have a large selection of flats and bed-sitters............"
   - "$10 a week"
   -"That is not a lot these days."
a-How can I go there? c-Do you have money to rent a flat?
b-How much can you afford to pay? d-Are you a rich person?
48-Although it didn’t rain for many months --------------- .
a-there is a terrible famine c-the harvest failed
b-there was still no drought d-people are dying of starvation
49-He’s --------------- young --------------- vote in the next election.
a-enough / to c-too / to
b-to/enough d-not / for
50- He has had to --------------- .
a-let his hair cut c-been cut his hair
b-have his hair cut d-be cutting his hair
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